OREANDA-NEWS. Presidential candidate from the Democratic Party of the United States, Joe Biden, is 17 percentage points ahead of the current head of state, Republican Donald Trump, in popularity among voters. This follows from the results of a survey conducted by The Guardian newspaper and Opinium Research Corporation. More than 2 thousand US citizens participated in the poll, which was carried out at the end of last week.

The figures are the following: 57 % of Americans are ready to vote for Biden, 40 % are going to support Trump. The remaining 3 % are either undecided or do not support either of the two candidates.

Earlier, it became known that Trump declined to participate in the debate after the Commission on Presidential Debates decided to conduct it remotely. Biden will answer voters’ questions on October 15 in the air of the TV channel ABC instead of a debate. Trump’s headquarters intends to organize a similar event on NBC, negotiations on this are underway.