OREANDA-NEWS. The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, at the request of the Ministry of Justice, liquidated the political party Russia of the Future. This was announced by a representative of the court.

Russia of the Future was added by the Ministry to the list of political parties at the end of May 2019, when the agency updated the list of parties eligible to participate in elections. The chairman of the party’s federal council was 38-year-old Alexander Zorin, who previously headed the Party of Free Citizens.

In mid-May of the same year, associates of Aleksey Navalny submitted documents to the Ministry of Justice to register the party Russia of the Future. According to them, the agency re-registered the Party of Free Citizens under a new name, but Navalny’s party was denied registration, since a party with that name has already been registered. Navalny challenged the refusal to register with the district court and the Moscow City Court, but both times the judges sided with the Ministry of Justice.

The director of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, Ivan Zhdanov told Interfax that supporters of Navalny do not plan to re-submit documents for registration of the party.