OREANDA-NEWSFor the third time this week, the Permanent Representatives of the 27 EU member states were unable to agree on a new postponement of the UK’s exit from the community at the request of London. This was reported to a Russian media correspondent on Friday by a source in the delegation of one of the European countries in the EU Council.

"EU ambassadors at the meeting today again failed to decide on the postponement of the Brexit date", he said. According to the diplomat, the next meeting of the ambassadors is scheduled for October 28. "It is expected that the next meeting will be held on October 28, on Monday", he said. European Commission spokeswoman Mina Andreeva, in turn, told reporters that European Council President Donald Tusk is still holding consultations with EU leaders regarding London’s request, and Brussels is “closely following the events in London”.

The head of the European Council, Donald Tusk, in response to this, said that he would recommend the leaders of 27 EU countries to satisfy the request of London and to postpone the date of UK withdrawal from the community to January 31, 2020. EU ambassadors have already met several times, but so far have not been able to agree on a new respite.