OREANDA-NEWS  Doug Bandow, a former special assistant of  the US’ ex- President Ronald Reagan (1981-1989), believes that Washington should make a deal with Moscow, because the isolation and confrontation with it hardly   would make the world safer, and close cooperation between Russia and China poses a threat the American state.He wrote about this in the article for The American Spectator magazine.

The author of the publication expressed the opinion that the current American leader Joe Biden could become the modern Richard Nixon (US President from 1969 to 1974).Bandow wrote:“He can 'go to Russia' in a figurative sense and stabilize a relationship that is too important to destroy it completely”.

According to him, the heads of Russia and the United States must first of all agree on non-interference in the elections, while Bandow expressed the opinion that the United States is much more guilty of this than the the Russian Federation. He also noted that the parties need to raise the issue of banning "operations" in cyberspace, and the countries of Europe must adhere to the same principles.

Among the important conditions, the expert called the termination of NATO expansion, Georgia and Ukraine should not join the Alliance. The author of the article stressed that this is not in Washington's interests.

In conclusion, the former Reagan’s special aide advised the presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, to “negotiate some sort of bargaining”, for example, in the fight against terrorism or on the issue of relations with several Middle Eastern and Latin American countries. It is being spoken about Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Libya and others.

The meeting of the heads of the Russian Federation and the United States is going to take place on June 16 in Geneva.