OREANDA-NEWS. The Former Director of «Open Russia» Andrey Pivovarov was Detained in St. Petersburg. This was announced on Tuesday, June 1, by the Russian Telegram-channel «Caution, news». The police stopped the plane in Pulkovo, which was preparing for departure.

«I have just been taken off the plane at Pulkovo. I flew to rest, went through customs — there were no questions. The plane has already passed the taxiway, when suddenly stop. The cops drove up and took me out. Now I'm in the FSB office Pulkovo», said Pivovarov. According to him, they plan to take him to the investigative committee office.

Andrey Pivovarov was able to pass the letter to the lawyer. In it, the ex-director of «Open Russia» spoke about the initiation of a criminal case against himself — under the article about the activities of an «undesirable organization».

«As they say, they plan to take me further for searches, and then by plane to Krasnodar. Yes, this is not the vacation I planned. All this, of course, does not please, but I do not lose heart. And don't be discouraged. Such things tell us that they are afraid of us, and we are the majority. It'll be all right, hang in there», wrote Pivovarov.