OREANDA-NEWS. The current President of Moldova Igor Dodon said that he had signed a law on languages, according to which the status of Russian as the language of interethnic communication in the republic was restored.

Dodon wrote on Telegram that Russian was the language of interethnic communication in Moldova for more than two decades, "until the Constitutional Court declared the law obsolete and recommended a new one."

The corresponding restriction came into force in 2017 as part of the fight against "foreign propaganda". Then broadcasting in Moldova of news, information and analytical programs, as well as programs of military and political content was banned.

In addition, Dodon signed another law that lifts restrictions on the broadcasting of Russian TV channels in the country. He said that from now on, censorship on TV channels will be canceled, and soon TV screens of the Republic of Moldova will return news broadcasts from Russian TV channels, as well as from other TV channels, whose broadcasting was still prohibited.

The President of Moldova explained on his Facebook page that the previously introduced restriction on the broadcasting of Russian channels in Moldova was contrary to the constitution, so the parliament canceled this measure. Dodon added that from now on everyone can watch what they want.