OREANDA-NEWS. The Russian State Duma has proposed a tenfold increase in fines for disclosing the personal data of security forces. Such a proposal is contained in amendments to the draft law on penalties for the disclosure of limited available data by persons who received them in the service, the «Kommersant» newspaper reported on Friday, May 14.

The corresponding amendments were made by the State Duma deputy from «United Russia» Vasily Piskarev. It is proposed to increase from one to ten thousand rubles fines for the disclosure of information, access to which is restricted by law, by a person who received this information in connection with the performance of official duties (Article 13.14 of the Administrative Code).

By the second reading of the bill, a proposal was received to supplement the code with a new article — 13.14.1, which introduces penalties for «obtaining information with limited access in any illegal way». The penalty for this will be up to $135 (10 thousand rubles) for individuals and up to $2,7 thousand (200 thousand rubles) for legal entities.

It is also proposed to increase the fines for «violation of the requirements for ensuring the confidentiality of information about protected persons and their property» (Article 17.13 of the Administrative Code) from $6 (500 rubles) to $945 (70 thousand rubles) for citizens and up to $4 thousand (300 thousand rubles) for officials.

The explanatory note to the document states that currently «the practice of unauthorized publication» of information about the facts, events and circumstances of the private life of the security forces is expanding.