OREANDA-NEWS. The United States authorities has tightened export restrictions on the supply of goods to Russia, China and some other countries. The two new regulations of the Bureau of Industry and Security of the US Department of Commerce, which further limit the potential export of technologies to Russia, China and Venezuela, entered into force on June 29.

One of the rules cancels the exception for American exporters who previously could deliver to these states a relatively wide range of goods without a license if they were intended for civilian use by civilian consumers. The list included bearings, semiconductors, computers, telecommunications equipment, radar systems, equipment for the production of aircraft engines, and other issues.

Under the new rules, the exporter will need to obtain a special license from the US Department of Commerce, even if the goods are intended for civilian use. As a result, companies will need additional time to obtain a license. Moreover, permission may be refused if the Bureau of Industry and Security has doubts about the end user of the product. It is noted that the changes in addition to Russia, China and Venezuela will also affect Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Iraq.