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06.08.2021, 17:26
No matter how sincerely people, who refuse vaccinations,  hope to avoid infection with COVID-19, this will not work. Experts warn that unvaccinated citizens will still catch the coronavirus, and either recovery or death awaits them.
06.08.2021, 16:24

The US contingent withdrawal continues to cheer terrorists

06.08.2021, 14:17

Astronomers from the Australian National University managed to capture the moment of a supernova explosion for the first time. It is reported by the portal.

06.08.2021, 11:00

There is no clip for the track yet but there is not long to wait

06.08.2021, 10:28

A child with a confirmed coronavirus has died in the Novosibirsk region. He was only 12, according to the regional Ministry of Health.

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