OREANDA-NEWS. About a third of Britons who were treated for COVID-19 in hospitals were re-admitted to hospital over the next four months due to complications, some of them died, according to a research of British doctors.

Experts from University College London, the Office for National Statistics and the University of Leicester found, that after about 140 days of observation, almost a third of patients who had been ill with COVID-19 were re-admitted to hospitals, and about one in eight died. These indicators, according to scientists, are significantly higher than those among participants in the control group of the population as a whole.

«This is a concern, we need to take it seriously», Amitava Banerjee, of University College London, «The Guardian» quoted Amitava Banerjee, the employee of University College London.

The research found, that the infection itself can cause heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory diseases. According to Banerjee, based on these results, it is necessary to «monitor patients who have suffered from coronavirus to detect organ damage at an early stage».

«The increased risk (of diseases) was not limited to the elderly and was not the same for different nationalities. Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of post-covid syndrome require comprehensive approaches, rather than (treating) specific organs or diseases, and urgent research is needed to establish risk factors. Our results suggest, that the long-term burden of COVID-19-related morbidity for hospitals and larger health systems may be significant», the study authors write in the British medical journal «The BMJ».