OREANDA-NEWS. The spread of overweight and obesity has become a pandemic, the consequences of which die much more often than from the coronavirus. This was stated by the doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov on the air of the channel "Russia 1".

The doctor said: "An order of magnitude more people die from obesity today than from covid, for example. Covid put the whole world on its knees, and then in the knee-elbow position, but in fact, if there are one and a half to two million deaths a year, then from diseases associated with obesity on Earth, tens of millions of people die. "

Among the ailments that can be caused by excess weight, Myasnikov named cancer, diabetes mellitus, heart attacks and strokes. He added that 70 million people die a year, and most of the deaths are caused by the consequences of such a condition.

So, according to him, 47% of people have excess body fat, and every tenth inhabitant of the planet suffers from obesity.

Myasnikov also listed diseases that cause overweight. These include hypothyroidism, decreased thyroid function, polycystic ovary syndrome, depression and diabetes, he said. However, the doctor emphasized that in 99% of cases, one should look for the reasons for weight gain in the principles of nutrition that are laid down in childhood.