OREANDA-NEWS Liver diseases are very dangerous, as they can turn into cirrhosis, so it is extremely important to know the symptoms that signal their onset. 

If you notice a combination of several symptoms, you should immediately contact a medical institution. 

  • The smell of sweat. Diseases of the liver and kidneys change the usual smell of sweat, the smell of boiled cabbage appear due to a change in the metabolism of the body. 
  • Yellowing of the skin. The most famous symptom of an unhealthy liver. Yellowness is formed due to the high concentration of bilirubin - a substance that neutralizes a healthy liver. Often this symptom indicates hepatitis or cirrhosis. 
  • Hair loss. Liver diseases always cause a hormonal imbalance, most of which hair reacts to. 
  • Heaviness or pain in the side. The liver itself cannot hurt, since it has no nerve endings. But with its increase, it stretches the capsule in which it is located and which sends pain signals. Pain in the side characterizes many diseases, but if at the same time you feel a bitter aftertaste in the morning and you see yellowing of the whites of the eyes or tongue, then this is a bright signal of the affected liver.