OREANDA-NEWS. Russian experts told why children tolerate the coronavirus better than adults. Honored Doctor of Russia, Leading scientific editor of the portal Vrachu.ru Mikhail Kagan put forward five versions of why this is happening.

First, children have a lower immune response to infection than adults. They are less likely to show the effects of a cytokine storm, when the immune system begins to destroy itself and the body's cells. Secondly, toddlers and school children are more likely to «catch» other diseases, that have a «power struggle» with the coronavirus. They are help the children to transfer the infection more easily.

In addition, it is possible, that children have less protein in their respiratory tract, which serves as a «pass» of infection into the body, and also in the younger generation, thanks to live vaccines (for example, against polio), the general non-specific protection of the body against any enemy agents works better.

As a final theory, the doctor noted that children have stronger and healthier blood vessels than adults. This significantly reduces the risk of severe complications.