OREANDA-NEWS. In 2023, the Russian company Avant Space is going to launch into orbit a group of microsatellites on ion engines to advertise logos in space. 

According to NTI estimates, “space banners” will be seen by more than a billion people due to the fact that a “swarm of satellites” will fly over all the major megalopolises. The devices will be equipped with a bright light source so that images of the night sky can be seen from the Earth. 

Avant Space project manager Alexander Malinin notes: “The cost of such advertising per thousand people who saw it (CPM - Cost per mile) will be several times lower than current channels, including billboards, Internet and TV". 

A test launch of miniature satellites is scheduled for 2021-2022. For 2023, the launch of the first group of satellites is scheduled. The devices will be located at a distance of 600-800 km from the Earth.