OREANDA-NEWS. Over the next ten years, depression will become the leader among diseases - this is the forecast of the World Health Organization (WHO). Already 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. The increase in depressive moods was caused, among other things, by the coronavirus pandemic.

"80 percent of patients after covid, when it has already ended, suddenly observe that they cannot return to normal life. They develop psychoemotional disorders. A person cannot sleep, fall asleep, he develops depression," says Vladimir Konyshev.

Russian neurophysiologists have proposed an unusual way to restore the psychological state. To do this, they use training with a neuro headset. This device records the electrical activity of the brain, decodes it and transmits it to the computer.

“The most important thing is that it allows you to train, - said the co-author of the method, psychophysiologist Artur Nasyrov. - Over time, the brain learns this normal state and can calmly cause it without our headset. That is, we restore the normal state that was before COVID-19 ".

For this, researchers use special computer games. The objects in them are controlled by the power of thought. For example: in order for a flower to bloom on the screen, you need to try to relax as much as possible. Or, conversely, focus on mountain biking. If the user manages to catch the desired state, the computer gives feedback.

At the moment, about 30 people who have had coronavirus have taken part in the experiment. According to neurophysiologists, training helped most participants learn to manage their condition, relax and cope with stress and depression, and therefore forget about covid.