OREANDA-NEWS  According to Komarovsky, the emergence of any new sweetener or sugar substitute "terribly unnerves a huge number of people who are engaged in the production and sale of sugar", as it reduces their income. This is why they are funding research to uncover the negative health effects of sweeteners.

Nevertheless, the doctor assured that today there is no serious data about the negative effects of sweeteners and sweeteners on health. “I personally voice to you the position of modern medical science, the position of the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which states: today there is practically no data on the dangers of sweeteners”, - Komarovsky emphasized .

The doctor also noted that sugar substitutes may be helpful in some cases. “Many people can actually control their weight with sweeteners by reducing the calories in what they eat”, - he gave an example. Komarovsky added that thanks to sugar substitutes, people with diabetes can eat sweets. In addition, sweeteners cannot feed bacteria that live in the oral cavity, so they do not contribute to the development of tooth decay.

Earlier, Komarovsky dispelled the myth about the deadly danger of black mold and told in what cases infection with mucormycosis, the disease that it causes, is possible.