OREANDA-NEWS.  February 13, 2012.  A new bazaar will expand the shopping centre network in the Murghab Valley in the near future. The Bazaar, the largest shopping mall in the region, is to be built near the western gate to Mary Velayat. By its outline, layout and colours it will look like the carpet pattern that traditionally adorns carpets made by craftswomen from the Murghab oasis.

The new bazaar will occupy the 50-hectare area. There will be a variety of retail shops that will number over 1,600. They will over a broad range of household goods, building materials, furniture, textiles and footwear, household appliances, fancy goods and perfumes, pieces of jewellery and carpets, handicrafts and souvenirs. There will be the parking lot for 1,500 vehicles, exchange offices, snack bars and cafes in the adjacent territory.

The new shopping mall will be distinguished for a harmonious combination of modern services with the gorgeous colours of oriental bazaars.