OREANDA-NEWS. The command of the US Armed Forces and military units deployed near Washington, secretly from the incumbent President Donald Trump, is discussing the scenario of their actions in case the head of state decides to impose martial law before the inauguration of the president-elect Joe Biden scheduled for January 20. This was reported by the magazine Newsweek, citing sources in the US Defense Department.

According to them, the discussions are being conducted in secret from the White House and Trump supporters. Plans are being drawn up for concrete steps in the event that an order is received to send troops into the American capital and ensure order for the time of the inauguration and the transition period. Pentagon representatives do not rule out that the current President will mobilize his supporters to prevent the transfer of power to the administration of Biden. They also told about almost unrealistic scenario in which Trump will use troops to seize equipment for processing ballots and try to somehow review the results of the presidential election held on November 3.