OREANDA-NEWS. United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, called on the international community to achieve a ceasefire in all armed conflicts all over the world within 100 days.

The politician urged for a global ceasefire for united fight against the coronavirus pandemic back in March, but not all parties followed his call.

On September 22, Guterres, speaking at the UN General Assembly, urged to make renewed efforts to provide a ceasefire by the end of this year, in 100 days. He said that during a pandemic, there is only one winner in the conflict – the virus.

Guterres also mentioned that his initial appeal was supported by 180 member states, as well as religious leaders, regional partners, and civil society representatives. A number of militias in Cameroon, Colombia, the Philippines have responded to this call, even if their ceasefire agreements have not been respected in all cases.