OREANDA-NEWS The UK has begun to evacuate some of the embassy staff in Kiev and their family members amid an alleged possible aggravation of the situation in the country, according to the recommendation of the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Despite the evacuation of diplomats, the diplomatic mission will continue to work

«Some embassy staff and their family members are being withdrawn from Kiev in response to the growing threat from Russia. The British Embassy remains open and will continue to carry out its main work», the British Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Earlier, the US State Department ordered the voluntary departure of part of the American diplomatic staff, as well as family members of diplomats from the embassy in Ukraine. American citizens in Ukraine have already been advised to consider options for departure using commercial or frequent modes of transport.

In turn, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, noted that the European Union does not intend to evacuate the families of its diplomats from Ukraine and sees no reason for this. According to him, «it is not necessary to dramatize the situation while the negotiation process is underway».

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova does not link the talks between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken with Washington's decision to evacuate the American embassy in Kiev. According to her, the American side sent a corresponding warning to its citizens ten days ago. The Russian Embassy in Kiev continues to operate normally, Zakharova told the Echo of Moscow radio station.

«A warning to their citizens, and probably not to their own, but to everyone, regarding the fact that it is dangerous to travel to Ukraine, was published, it seems to me, two weeks ago, 10 days ago... This is a question for the American side, how they build their information agenda», Zakharova said.