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24.06.2019, 22:27
Almost half-meter head of an ancient wolf was found in permafrost in the territory of Yakutia. It should be noted that the extraordinary find was found absolutely accidentally.
24.06.2019, 22:04
The international company Group-IB which specializes in suppression and investigation of cybercrimes with use of high technologies, reports about attack of the Troldesh virus extortioner to the Russian firms.
24.06.2019, 21:34
The Russian stage of the international off-road rally "A silk way — 2019" starts at the beginning of July at Count Speransky Square in the center of Irkutsk. For participation in a race along a route Russia — Mongolia — China pilots from 36 countries were registered.
24.06.2019, 20:50
Banks began to state in internal documents for employees prohibition on photography of screens of computers. It is a way of fight with "probivy" data on clients.
24.06.2019, 20:34
24.06.2019, 18:44
The humorist Efim Shifrin accused Bari Alibasov of plagiarism of "wonderful healing" on air of the Russian television.
24.06.2019, 18:04
The film company Kinodanz abandoned claim claims to the blogger of BadComedian (Evgeny Bazhenov).
24.06.2019, 17:59

n mid-June, Beeline recorded a decrease in the speed of connecting its subscribers to Group services.

24.06.2019, 16:46

The reports on the “Direct Line” held on the eve with Russian President Vladimir Putin were watched by 110 million social network users. Such data was voiced by Medialogia.

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