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22.07.2021, 12:30

For the first time, NATO has accused the Chinese government of hiring hackers to carry out cyberattacks. The charge against China was backed by the US, EU, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Japan.

Anders Breivik
22.07.2021, 12:03

The Norwegian extremist Anders Breivik served out almost half a term and applied for parole last September.

daniil medvedev
22.07.2021, 11:38

Nevertheless, the tennis player said that he feels great and will be in good shape for the start of the competition.

flood in china
22.07.2021, 11:25

Death toll of the flood in China's Henan province rose to 33

Flag of EU
22.07.2021, 11:23

Russia has managed to destroy the "dream" of Europe. This opinion was expressed in an article for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) by the head of the Vienna office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Reinhard Krumm.

22.07.2021, 10:30

Scientists of Ohio State University in the United States have discovered ancient viruses more than ten thousand years old in the glaciers of the Tibetan plateau in China. This was announced in a press release on

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