OREANDA-NEWS. As a result of a severe drought in northern Iraq, the water level in the reservoir has fallen dramatically. Thanks to this, the scientists managed to find an ancient castle at the age of 3400 years at the bottom of the reservoir.

A prolonged drought in Iraq revealed an amazing archaeological site - the ancient castle of the Mitanni kingdom. The construction area is more than 2000 square meters, and it is located at the bottom of the reservoir. At the moment, research has stopped, because three weeks after the discovery of the water level rose, again buried the ancient structure.

However, archaeologists managed to conduct a primary study. On the two-meter walls of the castle frescoes of blue and red are found. In addition, in the premises found some remains of household items.

Scientists have already called the discovery a sensation and hope to continue exploring an ancient object. It is possible that divers and special equipment will be involved for this, but so far no official statements have been received from the scientific community.