OREANDA-NEWSThe UK has decided not to nominate a candidate for a post in the European Commission until the country holds early parliamentary elections scheduled for December 12. This was announced on Thursday by a news agency.

According to him, the UK government wrote a letter to the future EC chairman Ursula von der Leyen with a corresponding statement. It's noted that von der Leyen consulted with lawyers who came to the conclusion that the absence of a candidate from the UK would not prevent the new EC from starting work on time.

On October 29, the European Union granted Great Britain a third delay in leaving the EU until January 31, 2020. The new European Commission, which they did not have time to approve on time, should also begin to work with a delay. However, since the Ursula von der Leyen commission should begin to exercise its powers already from December 1, 2019, the UK, which until the moment of its exit remains a full member of the EU, is formally obliged to submit its candidate to this structure.