Physical activity: articles for 02.08.2019

02.08.2019, 14:09

More than 4.5 thousand Russians, including 537 children, died in 2018 as a result of various emergencies, it follows from the statistical compilation of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for 2018.

02.08.2019, 13:30
Forest fires raging in the north of the Irkutsk region forced to flee from the fire of wild animals living in the taiga.
02.08.2019, 11:16

The Mi-8 helicopters of the Russian Ministry of Defense began to extinguish natural fires in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Irkutsk Region, daily they will perform from 10 to 15 sorties, the Russian Ministry of Defense said on Friday.

02.08.2019, 10:17

Saoirse Kennedy, the granddaughter of former US Attorney General and younger brother of President John F. Kennedy Robert, died at the age of 22. About this writes Fox News with reference to the statement of her family.

02.08.2019, 08:54

Only now, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed that 85 years ago, he eliminated the famous gangster of the 30s of the last century, John Dillinger. After his death, many rumors appeared that the legendary criminal managed to escape.

02.08.2019, 08:36

A series of explosions occurred in several areas of the capital of Thailand, two people were injured, reports the Bangkok Post.

02.08.2019, 08:25

Named the Russian regions in which the largest number of abortions were performed in 2018. The data of the statistical compilation of the RF Ministry of Health cites RIA Novosti on Friday, August 2.

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