Physical activity: articles for 22.08.2019

22.08.2019, 22:03
American doctors were told how stopping Smoking can affect the health of the smoker more than 20 years.
22.08.2019, 21:54
The main world competition for those who love and know how to work with their hands started about an hour ago in Kazan. 
22.08.2019, 21:30
The Chicago Tribune recently investigated radio emission levels on popular smartphones.  As usual, Apple was at the center of events.  This was reported by MacRumors.
22.08.2019, 21:03
On August 31 and September 1, by the centenary of the district’s formation, the first international festival of street theaters “Petrushki Mira”
22.08.2019, 20:06
Roskoshestvo conducted a study in which tested 30 models of electric kettles from 23 producers (Russia, Poland, China, Turkey).
22.08.2019, 19:39
An action to exchange sorted secondary raw materials for tickets to cinema, theater and museums will begin in Moscow on August 31
22.08.2019, 17:19
The Megafon company made an unexpected announcement: tomorrow it will hold the first Russian cyber-sports tournament using 5G technology and Cloud Gaming. 
22.08.2019, 17:07
The risk of early death can be reduced if you walk at a fast pace for 24 minutes a day, or you can spend the same time for physical activity of medium intensity. 
22.08.2019, 17:00
From the Baikonur Cosmodrome on Thursday, August 22, the first humanoid robot Fedor went into space.
22.08.2019, 16:24
Divers talked about the terrifying damage to the Titanic.  This was reported on the website of Atlantic Productions.

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