Fuel and energy: articles for 18.02.2020

18.02.2020, 19:41

Restrictive measures are connected with alleged mediation in the sale of oil from Venezuela on behalf of the regime of the President Nicolas Maduro.

18.02.2020, 17:39

The reason is mild winter and windy weather, which allows wind generators to work at full capacity.

18.02.2020, 17:21

“In the coming years, we will need not less, but more natural gas,” he claimed.

18.02.2020, 17:04

“There is an undisguised, unceremonious looting of wealth that belongs to Syria and the Syrian people,” Sergey Shoygu said.

18.02.2020, 12:43
OPEC+ held an emergency meeting in Vienna, at which it recommended to strengthen production cuts for the second quarter by 600 thousand barrels per day
18.02.2020, 07:20
Now, according to Meren, Europe cannot exist without gas from Russia

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