Fuel and energy: articles for 16.06.2020

16.06.2020, 17:55

Nord Stream 2 AG requested the Danish Energy Agency to allow the use of anchored ships.

16.06.2020, 17:18

“In fact, they want to destroy even the theoretical possibility of gas transit through Ukraine in the future,” head of the Gas Transportation System Operator of Ukraine, Sergey Makogon, said.

16.06.2020, 16:11

According to the President, in these conditions, an alternative to any source of energy can be easily found.

16.06.2020, 13:48

According to Klaus Ernst, the introduction of duties on liquefied natural gas from the United States by the European Union’s authorities should become a response.

16.06.2020, 13:10

According to the head of the analytical department of AMarkets, Artyom Deyev, oil prices are supported by the statement of the US Federal Reserve System.

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