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20.08.2019, 22:41
The humanoid robot Fedor, whose departure to the International Space Station (ISS) is scheduled for August 22, launched an Instagram page.
20.08.2019, 22:30
A film with the working title "Black Sea" is being shot at the moment in Taganrog, Rostov Region, RostovGazeta was told by one of the actors from the crowd.
20.08.2019, 22:18
It became known that WhatsApp Messenger is in talks with several payment companies in Indonesia.  With their help, he is going to offer mobile transaction services to users. 
20.08.2019, 22:12
Scientists from the University of Klaipeda (Lithuania), scanning the bottom of the Baltic Sea on the schooner “Brabander”, found an area with the remains of ancient flooded trees off the coast of the village of Juodkrante, located on the Curonian Spit.
20.08.2019, 21:58
Participants in the "East Bastion - Kuril Ridge" expedition discovered on Iturup Island a network of underground passages constructed, as expected, during the Second World War.
20.08.2019, 21:29
Sberbank has developed a new service for employers. It allows you to quickly form an impression about a potential employee, checking for any fines, debts, likely problems with the law.
20.08.2019, 20:56
"Soyuzmultfilm" uses new technologies to work on the animated film "Detective story", the scenario which involved a famous writer Darya Dontsova.
20.08.2019, 20:40
The press service of the first president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, published a video on Tuesday in which he sings a song of his own composition.
20.08.2019, 20:25
The site of the Russian Embassy in the UK was unavailable for almost a day due to a hacker attack.  This was announced on Tuesday by a representative of the embassy.
20.08.2019, 20:14
The IX Theater Olympiad, which began on June 15 in St. Petersburg, started in Tokyo.

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